The ‘ULTRA Blue’ lens is your new best friend!

The wait is over! The new ULTRA Blue lens was chosen by the people who attended our stall at the AGB Indoor Nationals last December and participated in our new prototype lens survey. It really does have the WOW factor!

The ULTRA Blue lens is just that. It’s so ultra and intensely blue it filters red light to the max to make anything red appear almost black. It also helps to make anything yellow really stand out. So it literally makes the target centre pop out over any of the other colours. The extreme intensity of the light filtration takes your eyes a few moments to adjust so we recommend putting the lens on before you go up to the shooting line. When you take it off you’ll be wowed at how orange and red everything seems.

We’ve put this lens to the test indoors and outdoors on a variety of target faces utilising archers shooting various disciplines and the results are unanimously positive. So if you’re looking for a lens you can use for all your shooting, then this is the one for you.

Not only is this lens going to help pick out the target colours, but if you’ve got any yellow colour in your string it will highlight it for a more pronounced string picture. As with all our lenses, the ULTRA Blue offers full UV protection so when you’re shooting outdoors you can keep your eyes protected and relaxed.

You can now find the ULTRA Blue lens comes as standard in each of our sets. Check out the sliders below to see the effect.

[image-comparator left="" right=""][/image-comparator]
[image-comparator left="" right=""][/image-comparator]


✓ 36% Light Transmission
✓ Medium light conditions
✓ Indoor & Outdoor shooting

Available as part of The Archers Set the All Seasons Set and The outdoor Set or to purchase individually.

The most dramatic of all the lenses, the Ultra Blue completely deadens the red which intensifies the gold to dramatically improve your focus on the centre and improve your aim! It also increases definition and relaxes the eye resulting in a super relaxed and focussed shot. This lens is your new best friend! The essential lens for indoor and outdoor archery.

Light transmission graph detailing the amount of light to penetrate through the Ultra Blue Lens, in this case the light transmission value is 36%


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