Most people say they can wear the X Sight glasses all day and not even notice they have them on, but we have spoken to a few archers who have slightly more sensitive nose bridges who expressed an interest in having the option of a nose pad to provide that little bit of extra comfort for those all day shoots. We like to take on feedback from our customers for the development of our products, so thats why we created these!

X Sight glasses are designed to be used without a nose pad to help with the common obstructions you get from frames, gaps and nose pads of standard glasses and sunglasses, but we designed a slimline detachable nose pad to give the option of added comfort for those who choose to wear it.

Check out our video below showing how to add and remove the nose pads.


For something so small, you would assume that the manufacturing was an easy challenge, however, the X Sight glasses are quite unique. All other frame-less glasses with a detachable nose pad have gaps either side of the nose bridge to hold it in place. The X Sight glasses have a smooth lens because these gaps on other glasses let light in at full draw causing visual obstructions and discomfort.

To solve this problem, we designed our unique slimline nose pads to fix onto our smooth lens without the need for any of those sharp nasty gaps.

So whether you choose use them or not, you’ll receive a pack of two in each set. Replacements and extras are available to buy through our website here

Most sunglasses that have a nose pad which comes off also have these sharp incisions, designed to help the nose pad stay on. When the nose pad is removed, you might find the lenses sit much further down your face or on your cheeks. These gaps also let light in which is not good at full draw. Not only that, but they can be quite uncomfortable. 

X Sight Glasses were intentionally designed without these gaps to eliminate obstructions from your sight picture. The X Sight nose pad can be attached and detached on and off the smooth lens design with ease.