X Sight agrees to provide the Pro Staff with:

  • a discount on any chosen set to which an exclusive coupon code will be generated and sent directly to the Pro Staff to use on the X sight archery website;
  • the Pro Staff will be entitled to the same discount on all future orders made directly through X Sight.
  • the Pro Staff will be entitled to an affiliated discount code to offer to other archers and,
  • the Pro Staff will be able to purchase a Pro Staff shirt (see details below). Provided that:


  • To use diligence in the representation of X Sight and to positively promote X Sight at any and every opportunity.
  • To maintain a professional appearance while representing X Sight.
  • To keep a good relationship with X Sight, its employees, and third parties.
  • Wear the glasses throughout competitions. Seek any photography of you wearing the glasses from tournaments and e-mail them to prostaff@xsightarchery.com
  • Wear the glasses during a trophy ceremony if it is acceptable. Either on your head or attached to your shirt collar would be acceptable. 


  • To provide photography wearing the glasses within a month after gaining Pro Staff status.
  • To proactively supply any photography taken at events and competitions directly to X Sight in high resolution from the photographer. X Sight agrees to credit photographers in any promotions of their photography.


  • To leave a positive review on the product section of our Facebook page and in the product section of our website within 1 week of receiving the product. 
    Leave us a review on Facebook
    Leave us a review on our website
  • Create a status on social media detailing your Pro Staff approval with a positive review of the glasses. This should be combined with a photo or a video.

Promotions, Social Media

  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Create a minimum of 6 social media posts per year which involve X Sight Archery, using the hashtag #xsightarchery & #teamxsight on social media when posting your archery related activities and if relevant a link to the website.
  • Tag the X Sight Archery facebook page (@xsightarchery) into your posts when tagging on Facebook.
  • Don't tag any personal profiles from X Sight staff into your statuses.
  • Don't communicate directly to any X Sight Staff profiles on Facebook. 
  • Invite fellow archers to like X Sight Archery on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.
  • Share any news, competitions and/or relevant posts made by X Sight.

Web Presence

  • If you have a website, add us as one of your sponsors with a backlink to our homepage.
  • If you have a blog, write a review of the glasses with photos and a backlink to our homepage.

Forum activity

  • Add us as a sponsor in your footer with a web link to the X Sight Archery homepage. 
  • Promote the glasses in a positive way on any forums.

In person

  • Assist with promoting X Sight by way of recommendation to other archers in person at competitions or practice.
  • Engage with other archers about the benefits of X Sight glasses and what they can bring to their shooting.
  • Let people know about your affiliated discount code which will be created upon successful application.

Logos and Staff Shirts

  • Add the X Sight logo to your current shooting top. (These will be provided upon request)
  • Iron on the X Sight embroidery badge onto an applicable garment. (Hat, shirt, chest-guard, quiver, pouch etc)
  • X Sight Shirts are available to purchase from our website at cost price for Pro Staff. Use code 'prostaffshirt' at checkout.


  • Proactively keep in contact by e-mail (prostaff@xsightarchery.com) detailing how you have promoted the brand, updates on your successes, competitions, photos etc. Please do not keep in contact by Instagram or facebook messenger. 


  • Allow X Sight to use, but not limited to his or her name, images, photos, words etc to endorse X Sight and its activities. The foregoing rights to use the Pro Staff’s identification can be used to promote X Sight through, but not limited to television, radio, print advertising, advertising published over the Internet, including social media, public relations materials, point-of-sale displays, free-standing inserts, direct mail, and billboards.

Termination of the agreement:

All agreements and positions will last for the duration of the current year and will then be up for consideration as to whether a renewal will be made automatically or not.
X Sight may terminate the agreement with the Pro Staff for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor sportsmanship
  • Questionable representation of X Sight, either in person or via mass media (including internet).
  • Failure to fulfill any of the terms of this contract.
  • Misuse of the exclusive Pro Staff discount code

Any violations of the agreement will result in a warning e-mail. Any subsequent violations will result in a letter of agreement termination. All agreements will be reviewed a year after successful application.