Name: Alec Farmer
Country: Australia
Shooting Style: Recurve
Classification: Grand Master Bowman


Bow Riser – Hoyt Epik
Bow Limbs – Win&Win WINEX limbs
Draw Weight – 40lb
Draw Length – 32″
Sight – Axcel RXL sight with Axcel CurveRX Pro
Stabilisers -I shoot a full Beestinger setup with all Beestinger competitor rods. I use Dead Centre stabiliser weights with 6 Oz on the sides and 8 Oz on the front. I also use an Intitec A-bomb with 7 Oz under the grip. I also use 3 Oz on the base of my top limb bolt.
Arrows – Indoor Arrows – Carbon Xxpress X-Busters with glue in pin points, 4″ handmade feathers and better out nocks
Outdoor Arrows -Easton A/C/G’s paired with Easton nibb points, Beiter in out small groove nocks and purple spider vanes
Tab – AAE KSL Gold


1st intermediate ACT Target championships x2 (2016,17)
1st Cadet ACT Target championships (2017)
3rd Cadet NSW Target championships (2017)
1st U21 ACT Field championships (2018)
2nd Cadet ACT Field championships x2 (2016,17)
2nd Cadet NSW Field championships (2017)
1st Intermediate ACT indoor championships (2016)
1st Cadet ACT indoor championships (2017)
1st intermediate barebow recurve ACT Clout Championships (2015)
2nd intermediate recurve ACT Clout Championships (2016)
Steve Roberts memorial medal (Field)
2nd Tuggeranong indoor league Spring All divisions (2017)
3rd Tuggeranong indoor league Summer All Divisions (2017)
1st South coast field NSW (2017)
1st Illawarra field NSW (2017)
7th National indoor championships (2017)
2nd intermediate target position (2017)
3rd intermediate target position (2017)
4th intermediate clout position (2017)


WA 720 – 578
WA1440 – 1303
Vegas – 288
WA 18M – 536


I have always had trouble with shooting in high light conditions because of my poor vision. My coach lent me a pair of X-sight glasses with a brown lens and it totally changed the way I looked at the target. I looked at many different brands but I kept coming back to X-sight because of how great their quality and versatility was for a great price. The arms comfortably sit around my head for hours on end without any rubbing. I was surprised at how comfortable the glasses were without a nose piece, the lens fits comfortably and doesn’t fall off at all. I love the 4 base lenses and can’t wait to try new lenses. They are all designed with extra wide lenses so that no sun can get through the sides! When looking at other brands of glasses there are many that offer the same quality but at nearly double the price! X-sight has proved to be great in all aspects, from looking after their customers to providing a fast, simple and great to use shooting lens!


When did you get into archery?
I have been shooting for around 3 and a half years now. I got into Archery because I broke my hip. Archery was the only sport I could do in a wheelchair and since then I’ve fallen in love with it.

What do you enjoy most about archery?
The community, as archery is a widely solo sport it can get very lonely training alone. The archery community made my shooting career 10 times better. The immense support the community has given me is truly amazing and I greatly appreciate it.

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
Youth nationals 2018 was my best nationals yet. I managed to get 1 gold for clout, 1 bronze for the short distance championships and 1 bronze for the youth matchplay mixed teams. It was my first big shoot with my new coach Alec Potts (Olympic bronze medalist) It proved a major learning curve with me making new friends, learning new things and really experiencing how to survive independently.

What would be your best advice to up coming archers?
Make sure you go to a club that supports you not a club that wants you to support them. I travel 8 hours by train to see my coach monthly. If you enjoy archery and want to go far with it you need to go wide and far to get the best help.

What do you get up to when you’re not shooting?
I am an avid wakeboarder and fisherman. Throughout summer I will spend hours out on the water learning new tricks on the board and fishing for a new PB fish. I am also a lover of photography and do a lot of urban/street photography.