Name: Kelly Davis
Age: 17
Country: Massachusetts, USA
Shooting Style: Compound


Bow Make – PSE Phenom SD 2017, PSE Perform X 3D 2018
Draw Length – 26″
Sight – Axcel Achieve CBL Carbon Bar Compound Sight
Stabilisers – Dead Center Archery Diamond Series
Arrows – Carbon Express XBusters, Tank 27s, 23Ds Indoor Arrows, Carbon Express Nano Pro Rz’s outdoor arrows


2017 and 2018 Connecticut and Massachusetts State Champion, as well as the New England Regional and Sectional Champion.
2017 Clout National Champion for the United States and silver in the USAT Texas Shootout.
2018 4th Place in the USA Archery Indoor Nationals junior division.


I absolutely LOVE these glasses! They are very inexpensive and they are phenomenal! They don’t break if you accidentally drop them and they don’t get fogged up at all! The range of colors allows me to shoot in any lighting situation and they are easy to switch to other lenses in case of the lighting changes quickly on you! The case protects them whether I am driving or flying to a tournament. The shipping is fast and easy; I would recommend these glasses to anyone!


When did you get into archery?
I have been doing archery for eight years. My mom put me in a summer camp when we moved so I would meet new children, and from there I was hooked. I didn’t get serious until about two years ago and I have only been competing for a year and a half.

What do you enjoy most about archery?
Besides shooting, I enjoy making new friends and meeting new people. I also like to try out new styles of archery and compete!

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
Archery in itself is a memorable experience, even when I first started at summer camp. I have made countless friends and met inspiring people while traveling all over the United States. I have been able to work with several American companies, and I am honored to work with my first English company!

What would be your best advice to upcoming archers?
Trust your coach, your equipment, and process! If you don’t have trust in these things, you won’t succeed. Trust that you are in good hands and everything is in place for you to do your best.

What do you get up to when you’re not shooting?
I am currently working on finishing up high school early so I can go start college in South Dakota at Mount Marty College! I was recruited to shoot on their varsity archery team (Go Lancers!). Although this relates to archery, my second hobby is coaching, as I help out at my JOAD and at tournaments.