Name: Callum Platt
Age: 19
Country: Great Britain
Shooting Style: Recurve
Classification: Master Bowman


Bow Riser – Hoyt GMX
Bow Limbs -Mk veracity limbs
Draw Weight – 42lb
Draw Length – 30″
Sight – Shibuya Ultima
Stabilisers -Gillo GS6 stabilisers
Arrows – Easton X7’s indoor arrows, X10 outdoor arrows
Tab – WIN&WIN Wiawis tab


I have shot at both a junior and senior county level several times. I have won three silver medals and two bronze medals at the Archery GB youth festival over the last two years. In my last year as a junior I got a silver medal at the junior national outdoor championships.


WA 720 – 615
WA1440 – 1155
Portsmouth – 582
Fita 18 – 551


X-sight shooting glasses have made a massive difference to my shooting. I particularly like the brown lens for when it’s bright outside, it really helps to keep my eyes relaxed and focused on the gold, rather than squinting and closing one eye to see the target. The yellow lens is brilliant for low light conditions, making everything look much brighter especially good for in the evenings/mornings.


When did you get into archery?
I started archery in August 2013

What do you enjoy most about archery?
The thing I enjoy most about archery is competitions, particularly head to heads. There’s nothing better than shooting hitting the gold to win the match when it really counts!

What are your goals and aspirations?
Short term goals – 590 Portsmouth, 570 Fita 18,  630+ 720, 1200+ WA1440 and to medal at a national series stage.
Long term goals – Consistently make the Archery GB national series final, shoot for GB by 2022, Shoot at the Paris 2024 Olympics

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
My most memorable experience is shooting the bronze medal match at the Archery GB youth festival. I went 4-0 down after two sets but turned it around to win the match 6-4, needing gold with my last arrow to secure the medal!

What would be your best advice to up coming archers?
My biggest bit of advice is to simply relax. Set goals and keep working at them even when they seem unreachable, if you keep working at them then eventually they will become a reality.

What do you get upto when you’re not shooting?
When I’m not shooting I am often doing some other sport, mainly running, swimming, cycling or rock climbing. It’s really beneficial to have good fitness as well as strength for archery.