Name: Ellen Cosh
Age: 20
Country: Great Britain
Shooting Style: Recurve
Classification – Master Bowman


Bow Riser – MK Alpha riser
Bow Limbs -Hoyt F4
Draw Weight – 34lb
Draw Length – 27″
Sight – Sure Loc
Stabilisers – WIN&WIN Wiawis Stabilisers
Arrows – Easton ACE arrows with 90grain points and Eli Vanes
Tab – WIN&WIN Wiawis tab


I shot for England in 2014, 2 years after starting archery. My best national ranking as a Senior is 38th in 2015. In my last year as a Junior I was ranked 9th nationally. I’ve also been involved in the Talent Development pathway with Archery GB. I’m now currently shooting for Cumbria.


WA 720 – 605
WA1440 – 1175
Portsmouth – 576
Fita 18 – 551


X sight glasses are perfect for changing light conditions during a shoot. The dark brown/red lenses drop very bright light levels down to a more comfortable level and make it easier to shoot in direct sunlight without squinting. The yellow lenses are very useful during club training in the evenings as the light levels drop, they brighten your view so that you can shoot for that bit longer as it gets dark. The glasses are comfortable to wear over a two day shoot and the arms are easily interchangeable between lenses. I would definitely recommend them!


When did you get into archery?
I got introduced to the sport by a friend who had found a beginners course at our local club, up until then I had no idea there was an archery club ten minutes down the road!

What do you enjoy most about archery?
I love how shooting allows you to completely forget about most other things. During a competition you can spend a whole day completely absorbed in the competition, the atmosphere of the shoot and talking to people. It teaches you to be patient and to constantly push yourself to make each shot better.

What are your goals and aspirations?
After a couple of frustrating seasons the plan is to get my shooting and scores back to where I’d like them and start working my way into the 1200s on a Fita and 600s on a 720 next season. In an ideal world I’d love to be able to travel and shoot.

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
My most memorable experience has to be shooting for England. Although it was a few years ago I was very excited to be selected as I had only been shooting for a couple of years and it was a massive confidence boost! I still remember getting the email!

What would be your best advice to up coming archers?
Be patient! It can be a frustrating sport and even the best archers have bad days but the good shots are there somewhere and it will come together eventually!

What do you get upto when you’re not shooting?
I’ve recently started running and am planning to do a half marathon. Living in Cumbria I can also make the most of the stunning scenery! Outside archery I like to do photography of archery and landscapes.