Name: Gareth Paterson
Age: 40
Country: Great Britain
Shooting Style: Recurve
Classification: Bowman

Bow Riser – MK Z Riser
Bow Limbs – MK Mach X Limbs
Draw Weight – 47 lbs
Draw Length – 29.5″
Sight – Shibuya carbon ultima sight with Shrewd sight pin
Stabilisers – MK XR Stabiliser system
Arrows – Easton X10 arrows
Tab – Cavalier finger tab
2016 & 2017 Army and Tri-service recurve champion
2016 Invictus double gold medalist (individual and team)
2017 Invictus gold medalist (team)
2017 EMAS Thornsbury winner (team)
WA 720 – 610
Portsmouth – 572
Fita 18 – 564
After struggling to find a good pair of shooting lenses that worked well with my recurve bow, I was introduced to the X Sight’s. The case that they arrived in is a good size with lots of padding for the lenses. Changing the lens colours is easy and can be done with the minimum of fuss.
I shot with these lenses at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto. There was a heat wave and the sun was very hard reflecting off the waterproof targets. It was hard to see the gold without any protection but the interchangeable lenses ensured that this was not an issue. I ranked 2nd in the ranking round and I put some of this down to me being able to accurately see the target.

When did you get into archery?
Mid 2015

What do you enjoy most about archery?
It’s a sport that is open to all people, no matter if you have an injury or illness, old or young, you can shoot for fun or in competition.

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
Winning the gold in the Archery at the 2016 Invictus games. I was shooting against a Canadian called Nic Meunier. The head to heads went to a one arrow shoot off. I hit the X, Nic hit a 9. The most pressure I have ever felt!

What would be your best advice to upcoming archers?
Know when to pack your bow away for the day. Overtraining can be a nightmare, a friend of mine put in 10 hours of training but then couldn’t pull his bow for 3 days after. Don’t overdo it as you will lose training time in the end.

What do you get up to when you’re not shooting?
I am currently learning the Saxophone, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be able to play Baker Street on the Sax??