Name: Madison Rose McWethy
Age: 19
Country: USA – Michigan
Shooting Style: Recurve

Bow Riser – Hoyt Epik
Bow Limbs – Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon 840
Draw Weight – 30lb
Draw Length – 25″
Sight – Sure-Loc Contendor
Stabilisers – Shrewd Onyx 28” (front bar); Shrewd Onyx 8” (2 v-bars)
Outdoor Arrows – Carbon Express, Nano SST, 900, 26”, 110 grain points, Soma nocks, KSL spin fletching, ArrowSock arrow labels
Indoor Arrows – Carbon Express, Nano .166, 1200, 26”, 100 grain points
Tab – AAE Elite finger tab

United States: State Games of America National Champion, 2 time State Champion (of Michigan)


WA 70 – 265/360
WA 18 – 275/300
Vegas – 270/300
NFAA 300 – 272


For the last two years I have struggled to shoot outdoors without getting a headache from squinting at the sun. X-Sight shooting glasses are fantastic at protecting my eyes from the sun without obstructing my view while shooting. Having the multiple colors lens are perfect if you shoot in an area with varying lighting conditions.


When did you get into archery?
I got into the sport by taking an archery class at a local range, where I instantly fell in love with the sport of archery. Three years later, I find myself competing in many national championships and other similar tournaments.

What do you enjoy most about archery?
I love that anybody can do archery, as you can tailor the sport to anyone’s needs. I know that I personally have taught archery to people from the ages 3-70, few of which had some sort of disability and all of them were able to perform the basic steps of archery.

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
2018 National Outdoor Collegiate Championships – My first collegiate shoot where I learned many things from my teammates and other competitors.

What would be your best advice to upcoming archers?
Keep getting out on the range to practice and if you can, find a good coach to start shaping your form process. I have found my coach to be the most valuable resource that I have for archery. I have found more benefit from learning from my coach how a good shot process should feel rather than to learn all the highly intricate parts and terms of proper form.

What do you get up to when you’re not shooting?
Work. Which is funny because I work at the Michigan State University’s archery range, Demmer Center. As a result, I am constantly at the range, and my life is, well surrounded by archery. But besides that, I am a very crafty person so I do a lot of different types of projects.