Name: Matt Neve
Age: 32
Country: Great Britain
Shooting Style: Recurve
Classification: Master Bowman

Bow Riser – KG Archery XCR Riser
Bow Limbs – KG Archery NX-55
Draw Weight – 40 lbs
Draw Length – 27″
Sight – Shibuya Ultima 2
Stabilisers – Win & Win Wiawis nano stabilisers
Arrows – Easton X10 arrows

Being selected for the 2017 UK Invictus games archery team and competing to win a team gold medal and an individual silver medal.
WA1440 – 1270
WA 720 – 635
Portsmouth – 595
Fita 18 – 576
The x sight shooting glasses look and feel amazing and the field of view is limitless. So far I have tried the purple lenses and they relaxed my eyes whilst shooting making it a more comfortable session. I competed using them at Invictus games and I think they gave me and my team mate a competitive edge when the sun was directly facing you.
When did you get into archery?
I got into archery June 2016 after a have a go session with mates.  I was then told by Brian at Perriswood Archery and Falconry centre who is now my coach that there was something there.  I then took it up and haven’t looked back.  I then realised that it was also good for my mental health as I suffer PTSD and depression.  I Now use archery for my sports recovery and have found I am quickly excelling in the sport.

What do you enjoy most about archery?
I enjoy the fact archery allows me to re-focus and switch off to the real world while I am shooting. I also love the fact archery is such an inclusive sport. It doesn’t matter what age or ability you are you can still shoot and compete. It’s also one of few sports that disability doesn’t matter, there is a way to get everyone involved!

What are your goals and aspirations?
My goals are to gain Gold in the individual and team event at the Invictus Games.  I would also like to become one of the top archers in Wales. I also have aspirations to make it onto the GB squad for the olympics!

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
One of my most memorable experiences so far is by far the day I was told I have made the Invictus Games squad.  This is what I had been training so hard to get to and to be told I had been selected was an amazing feeling very difficult to describe!!

What would be your best advice to up coming archers?
My advice would be not to give up at the first hurdle. Archery is a difficult sport to master and it takes loads of training and a lot of time. Stick with it and you can become one of the best!!  If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again eventually you will!!

What do you get upto when you’re not shooting?
When I am not shooting which is very rare I like to go out on my Motorbike and spend quality time with my wife and children.