Name: Tony Leger
Age: 45
Country: USA
Shooting Style: Recurve


Bow Make – Uukha Xpro
Limbs – Uukha XX medium 38#
Draw Weight – 40lb
Draw Length – 29″
Sight – Shibuya Ultima RC
Stabilisers – Ram Rods Ultra front and side bars (custom 34″ length, custom glass powder filled for dampening, tungsten weights), W&W Carbon v-block
Outdoor Arrows Carbon Express Nano Pro X-treme 600 (120gr Tool Steel points, AAE Wav vanes)
Indoor Arrows – Carbon Express Tank 23D (500 spine, 120gr target points with 40gr screw in weights, Ozark 4.5 Target Maxx feathers)
Finger Tab – Black Mamba Venom

  • 2016 MAA (Michigan Archery Association) Shooter of the Year: AMFSLR (Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve)
  • 2017 MAA Shooter of the Year: PAMFSLR (Pro Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve)
  • 2017 NFAA Outdoor Nationals Champion: PAMFSLR
  • 2017 NFAA Outdoor Nationals PAMFSLR record holder (Outdoor 900, Outdoor 600, Outdoor Combined)
  • 2017 MAA state record holder PAMFSLR (Indoor NFAA, Indoor FITA, Indoor MAA 420, Outdoor 3D, Outdoor MAA 420, Outdoor 900)
  • 2018 MAA Shooter of the Year: AMFSLR

WA70 – 503
WA18 – 522
NFAA (Double) – 561
NFAA (Single) – 283


Having started with the original 4 lens set and adding the Red and Blue lenses after the fact, I believe that the 6-lens kit is the way to go. The variety is great and I’ve found myself in different situations both indoors and out, that vary in brightness. Having access to different colors and light transmissions has allowed me to tailor my shooting glasses to what is needed for the situation be it bright sun or overcast to light variances on an indoor range (bright at the line, dim at the wall or vice versa), I have more control. The glasses themselves are lightweight and wrap completely allowing for uniform color no matter which part of the lens I’m looking out of with no gaps, especially around the nose.


When did you get into archery?
I got into archery late in the game about 8 years ago as a compound shooter. Long story short, I suffered from a bad case of target panic and wasn’t having fun anymore. I told myself I’d stop shooting when it wasn’t fun anymore, but I’m stubborn so thought I’d switch to recurve for a bit and work on form. Turns out, I like recurve way better!!! As for what got me into the sport, I had always been interested in it and looked forward to watching the Summer Olympics each year just to watch people shoot. Finally, I thought I would give it a go myself.

What do you enjoy most about archery?
It may seem odd, but I enjoy there being nothing else in my head for that 6-8 seconds from the time I draw back to when I let go. As someone with ADD/ADHD my head is a noisy place and in those few seconds each shot takes, my mind is completely calm. Though I also enjoy getting people excited about archery which plays to my ADD/ADHD and general hyperactivity.

What has been your most memorable experience to date?
Shooting side by side and head to head with Brady Ellison at World Team Trials and NFAA Indoor Nationals.

What would be your best advice to upcoming archers?
Have fun. If you aren’t having fun it’s not worth doing. This applies to just about anything. After having fun, the next best advice I have is finding a good coach and listen to them. Stay off the forums and posting pictures asking how your form is. That’s what your coach is for. Find a good one and stick with them. When you stop believing in yourself, your coach is there for you. When you stop believing in your equipment, your coach is there for you. That’s their job, let them do it and have fun doing yours…shooting!

What do you get up to when you’re not shooting?
I’ve found myself getting into air guns the past year or so. It’s still a target sport, but it gives me another thing to tinker with. Plus, my X-sight glasses get more use!