X Sight Pro Glasses – All Seasons Set – 4 Lenses

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The All Seasons Set is the ideal choice for archers who want to shoot both indoors and outdoors in a variety of lighting conditions.


ULTRA Blue, Brown, Orange, Light Yellow


  • 1 Pair of temples
  • 6 Lens zip-up hard case
  • Pack of two detachable slimline nose pads
  • X Sight drawstring case
  • X Sight iron on logo patch
  • Instruction manual
  • Product brochure


The All Seasons Set is the ideal choice for archers who want to shoot both indoors and outdoors in a variety of lighting conditions.


Features & Benefits

  • With a variety of lenses suitable for both indoors and outdoor shooting, the interchangeable lens technology allows you to easily change your lens to suit the ambient conditions.
  • The extra large frame-less wrap-around lens provides a peripheral, clear unobstructed view of the target.
  • Eliminating the nose bridge ensures there are no visual obstructions in your sight picture during your aiming process.
  • The flexible material of the lenses combined with lightweight arms produces a comfortable, lightweight one size fits all system.
  • Avoid squinting in bright light which causes subtle changes in muscle composition leading to inconsistency. X Sight Pro glasses enable a relaxed optical shooting experience resulting in increased consistency and performance in bright light.
  • Using the correct lens in the right conditions can be an excellent mental benefit giving you the edge over other competitors shooting in the same conditions.
  • Shield your eyes from unwanted distractions such as wind and dust and glare when your performance really counts.
  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and keep them hydrated for the duration of your shooting.


The All Seasons Set includes the following 4 lenses:

Brown Lens

✓ 11% Light Transmission
✓ Bright light conditions
✓ Outdoor shooting

The darkest of all our lenses makes this lens particularly good during intense luminosity and when shooting directly into the sun. The low light transmittance level really helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue to maintain a relaxed optical shooting experience all day long. This lens also improves the clarity and vibrancy of colours and objects whilst the blue light blocking red pigments enhance your perception of the gold.

ULTRA Blue Lens

✓ 36% Light Transmission
✓ Medium light conditions
✓ Indoor & Outdoor shooting

The most dramatic of all the lenses, the Ultra Blue completely deadens the red which intensifies the gold to dramatically improve your focus on the centre and improve your aim! It also increases definition and relaxes the eye resulting in a super relaxed and focussed shot. This lens is your new best friend! The essential lens for indoor and outdoor archery.

Orange Lens

✓ 41% Light Transmission
✓ Medium to low light conditions
✓ indoor & outdoor shooting

The subtle vibrancy of the orange lens increases the ambient brightness in low to medium light without losing definition or depth of field. The increase in colour contrast produces increased depth perception and better visual clarity between objects when focussing on the target at distance. Blue light blockers improve your awareness of reds and yellows to generate a more distinct target centre.

Light Yellow Lens

 ✓ 82% Light Transmission
✓ Very low light conditions
✓ Indoor & outdoor shooting

The lightest lens in the range providing the highest luminosity. The light yellow lens provides a more gentle experience than the intense yellow lens whilst still providing many of the brightening effects which makes it the perfect lens for extremely low light conditions and indoor shooting. The high light transmission lets in enough light to ensure this lens does not interfere with your vision but blocks and reflects enough light to minimise glare from bright artificial indoor lights. 

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 7 cm
Lens Quantity


Lens Colours

ULTRA Blue, Brown, Orange, Light Yellow


6 Lens zip-up case
Pack of two detachable slimline nose pads
X Sight drawstring case
X Sight iron on logo patch
Instruction manual
Product brochure

2 reviews for X Sight Pro Glasses – All Seasons Set – 4 Lenses

  1. Molly P (verified owner)

    The first time I used my X Sight glasses was on a bright, sunny day. I chose the brown lenses and was immediately impressed with how much the glare from the sun was reduced and was surprised how relaxed my face felt. Looking at the target the gold really stood out, and the fact that there was no nose piece on the glasses meant there was nothing blocking my view of the target face. I went on to shoot a PB and break a 5 year old county record

    The following day was grey and overcast but the orange lens from my All Seasons set was almost like switching a light on and I was surprised how much it brightened my view. The red and gold on the target face really stood out helping me focus and I managed to shoot another PB that day too.

    I’m loving using the glasses and can’t wait to try them indoors over the winter

  2. Karen Bryan (verified owner)

    The X Sight Archery lenses have really helped me with reducing eye strain. I suffer from migraines, and the lights when shooting indoors can cause me to get tired eyes very quickly. I also shoot in contact lenses, so my eyes can become quite dry from the lenses and the lights. Shooting with the light blue lenses indoors gives me the feel of shooting in daylight outdoors, and is really relaxing on my eyes. I’ve learnt that the more relaxed my eyes are, the more relaxed I am, and therefore the better I shoot. The last 2 years I’ve been shooting in outdoor competitions I’ve often struggled with the summer sun, and I’m really looking forwards to being able to shoot in the outdoor lenses I have. I’ve tried shooting in glasses and sunglasses, but the frames get in my way and cause me problems with aiming and focusing. With my X Sight lenses there are no frames to get in the way, and I can easily focus properly on the target without having to worry if I’m aiming properly or not.

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